3-works-for-you-single-releaseSo, that happened.

I’m still kind of in shock at a few things. Let me explain.

I wrote Works For You over the summer of 2016, I wrote it about nothing in particular. Actually, a question songwriters get asked quite a lot is- whats the song about? Ive been asked this question about a lot of my songs, and I normally have an answer. But sometimes you write a song that has absolutely no relevance to you, and you can’t really explain why it came to mind the way it did. Works For You is one of those songs. It gets very awkward when someone asks you what its about and you, the songwriter, have no idea. It makes for a very interesting waffle, trying to sound professional and remain honest. “I, you know, I wrote it cos I was bored, and it happened, and I don’t really relate to it but it makes sense to me, but yeah, music and all that:)” Thats kind of how it goes!

I decided to release WFY as the first single off of Terra because it was one of my most popular songs at the time, and still is, especially after the release. It always went down well with a crowd, and it was catchy and the chorus is easy to remember. Also, when we recorded it and the track came back, I absolutely adored it. I still love it, and Im proud of it.

The decision was made to release it in February. We prepped it and sent it off to the distributor website for it to be released the next day. (We are gonna skip the bit about the distributor website being down for reconstruction and having to wait an extra few days because its irrelevant)

It came out on iTunes on February 21st, and it was a huge burst of excitement and a scramble to download it. Everyone was so supportive, downloading it, and sharing it all over Facebook. There was so much positive feedback and I was so glad people liked it. Its a scary thing to release a song that everyone who has ever been to one of your gigs knows, but as a completely different version. I was worried people wouldn’t like it, or would prefer the acoustic. But the reaction to it was great, and I could finally breathe.

That night, of course, me and my mom (Momma Nova, if you will) were sitting up listening  to it and replying to comments on Facebook congratulating me. I fell asleep pretty late, Im surprised I even fell asleep after all the excitement. Around one in the morning, my mom tapped me on the shoulder, and told me I had hit 21 in the iTunes Charts. I told her that was great, and went back to sleep. Then what she said hit me, and I grabbed my phone to check for myself. She was right! Needless to say I didn’t go back to sleep until about half 3, I texted everyone I knew, I was so excited.

I checked the charts every five minutes I’d say, I was so in shock that I was there in the first place. Whether or not its easy to get there or near impossible, I was so proud. And I couldn’t believe it!

So over the next few days and weeks people congratulated me, and it was so lovely. I did an interview on DCU FM and got to talk about it and promote it further. It came out on Spotify and earned over 1000 streams. The acoustic version of the song that I performed in the Nellie Sessions went from just tipping over a thousand views on Youtube to 1,952 within three weeks. It’s also getting reviewed in Hot press Magazine this week, so my nerves are very much real! I of course hope they like it and write a glowing review, but who knows. I guess I will this week.

Another pretty cool thing is that I got nominated for Best Female Artist for PureM! Thats crazy. I mean, the whole reason that this blogpost is taking me ages to write is because I just found out, and went and texted literally everyone online at that time to ask them to vote! Wow, this is crazy. Thank you to everyone who has voted already and who plan on voting after reading, and just for the support in general, its so awesome!!

So, so far Terra seems to have a good reaction. When the full EP comes out, who knows if people will like it? But no one who has said they like Works For You can say they don’t like Terra, they have to say ‘I don’t like 3/4 of the EP’. So that’s a positive! At least 1/4 of it is good. I really hope you guys will like the rest of it though. Ive worked hard, and so have a lot of others, and I know that no matter what happens from here on out, at least I can say I hit number 17 in the iTunes Charts and got nominated for Best Female Artist in Pure M:)

Thanks for reading!

BN xxx


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