One year ago, I, along with my mom, joined a little music school across the bridge in the village I live in. I added my name, Saoirse Lawlor, to a choir, Speak Up Sing Out Teen Choir to be exact. One whole year ago. It’s crazy, this year has gone by so quick! There’s a lot to catch up on, which I promise I will talk about now and in blogposts to come, but for now let’s stick to the beginning. 

My name is Saoirse. I am a fifteen year old singer songwriter, from Kildare. I love hedgehogs, autumn, woolly jumpers and, of course, music. But Im not here to talk about how adorable hedgehogs are, how I love the autumn leaves, or how I live in my grey woolly jumper I, oddly enough, picked up in Portugal. Im here to talk about Beatrix Nova. Who I am, who I was without ever even knowing it, and who I always will be. Here is my music story. 

The first ever song I wrote was called Rollercoaster. I was ten, and it was honestly the cheesiest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Between then and the first song I wrote as a solo artist, I have written many more songs, some cheesey, some not, some way beyond my years, some showing exactly how young I was. I was in a band with my best friend Kara, and we wrote in or around 25 songs. I would write the lyrics, and sometimes so would she. I would lay down a melody, and she would pick away at the guitar, inventing beautiful riffs and putting our songs together as if they were made of a child’s building blocks. Easily, and a lot of fun. But, I lived over an hour away, and practicing regularly was impossible. So, that came to an end, but of course any time we see each other we dust off the guitar and sing all our favorite covers, from bands like Blink 182, Green Day, Nirvana, anyone we were into. 
The first song I wrote as a solo artist is called Not As Strong. A ballad, guaranteed to make you miss someone, and possibly bring a tear to your eye. Which is odd, because if you have listened to my music before you will know that the rest of my work is upbeat, quirky, creepy and alternative pop.  But, as for Not As Strong, it is quite the emotional little song. The song has an interesting story to it, which I will do a blogpost on soon.
You would think that I knew I was Beatrix Nova before I had written any songs, or performed any gigs, but no, it took me a while to figure ‘Beatrix Nova’ out. I had a few songs written, six or seven actually, and I had performed them at the Women of the Mic Night for a small crowd of people, most of which I knew. Which was comforting, seeing as I had never performed my own songs for anyone more than family before. Eimear, my manager, had organised that four women, myself included, would perform originals, just for friends and family. Looking back, it’s odd to think that at that point Beatrix Nova was there, but no one knew, not even me. 

So that is my hello! I will try to post regularly, but as for now I am going to try to catch up on the past year. Thank you for reading! 

Lots of love,



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